On Exercise #NaBloPoMo

Like many things in life I’m finding that ‘exercise’ is something that everyone else seems to know about, but no-one is actually able to share that knowledge…

About 6 months ago I started walking. Obviously I was walking before, but I started long distance walking. Over the past few months I’ve clocked up over 700 miles, and see some lovely parts of the local, and less local, urban areas and countryside (house-sitting and a holiday meant Greenwich and Edinburgh were added to my wanderings).

There’s been massive upsides to this. My general fitness levels have improved, my lung capacity is noticeably better, my recovery rate is speedier, and my legs actually want to go (I sometimes find myself walking a few miles ‘by accident’ cause my legs get restless without the regular training now).

The downsides… I don’t really know what I’m doing… I mean, I’ve read all I can find, I’ve take some advice from friends (mostly this boils down to GET DECENT SHOES!) and from my physio, but I still feel like I’m meandering aimlessly with no real idea if I’m doing myself more harm than good…

I mention my physio, and the decent shoes thing, that’s because when I started walking ALL the advice said “just walk”. some said “stretch, then walk” but in none of it did it mention that shin ache is bad, that I could actually end up with a toe so painful I thought I’d broke it, or that badly fitting shoes might give me a blister under the toe nail and (eventually) my nail would fall off… (sexy, right?). And I’ve had to seek out this information when things have started to go wrong…

I’ve just started running (jogging? stumbling?), and in none of the ‘couch to 5k’ stuff does it give you gait advice (in fact the NHS app I’m using doesn’t even suggest you stretch at any point), so I don’t know if my thunkthunkthunk running is down to bad shoes, bad posture, or just because I’m new to this.

When the overwhelming public opinion is “just do it”, it’s somewhat frustrating to have to repeatedly ask “how?!”

The massive positive is, I didn’t die. I can still move about without much stiffness, and I’m already looking forward to being able to actually do the full 1st workout (I managed 4 of the 8 running bursts today).

Well, that and I actually managed to get into my sports bra without dislocating my shoulder… (it was close)


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