How’s it going?

I’m half way. Over the hump.

So how is it?

It’s hard. Thinking is hard. Moving is hard. Motivation is hard. Words are hard. Keeping concentration is hard. Keeping my mood up is hard…

I’m constantly tired, my sleeping has gone back to 9-10 hours, and it’s taking me sometimes an hour to get out of bed after waking. My body is weak, I can’t turn myself over in bed because my stomach muscles are so sore.

I’ve managed to work out if I have the gluten in the middle of the day that gives me some productive time in the mornings, and makes it easier to sleep.

I was hoping to get some yoga/upper body work done whilst I’m not running, but everything feels like lead, adding to that seems unwise. I have managed to get quite a bit of reading done though, and my attempt at language learning has had a boost. The brain fog doesn’t last as long as the body fog…

I have managed to get through some lovely foods, and some ‘not as good as I remembered’ ones. There’s going to be some recipe hunting once this is done!

Essentially I’m good. I’m ok. Don’t expect lots of chatter, I’m struggling to interact unless it’s on my own terms (and I’m mostly trying to let the time pass as quickly as possible). Pictures of cats, kittens and yarn are all welcomed.

And thank you for asking.


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