On Why I Run

I’m a runner

That’s still a hard thing to type, and I’ve been running for about 18 months now (not non-stop, shush). I have a medal to say I completed a course (it was a fast walk mind you, never have your MMR the week before something energetic)

I lumber, I jog, I stumble as I tire, I pick up injuries easily. I’m bigger than most ‘active wear’ clothing ranges go up to. I haven’t really done sports-stuff since 6th form, a year or so gym going when I had a ‘real job’, that’s about it.

But I’m a runner

I’m a runner because my legs are strong. I’m a runner because when that high hits it’s like nothing else (legal). I’m a runner because I’m a leaf on the fricking wind don’t ya know! I’m the runner that other runners smile patronisingly at, I assume they think I’m super-new to this, that I’ll get faster and thinner. I’m the runner that is lip-syncing to TayTay and Kesha and doesn’t care you think that’s weird

I’m also a runner because it helps quiet my mind. I’m an over-thinker, a worrier. I’m still not convinced the train guard wasn’t pissed off at me a few weeks ago, despite him smiling as he joked he was… The running stops my brain, it makes the world all ok again, it’s like the sweat and energy takes the worry away with it…

I’m a runner. And if I keep repeating it to myself I might start believing it

And yes, I’ll be hitting you up for more sponsorship sometime soon… 😉


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