On Podcasts

I’ve started listening to a lot of podcasts lately. The current news is just. too. much. (and has been since the last general election tbh), so instead I listen to podcasts, recent and ‘archived’.

Here’s my current line up:

For news/opinion 

LBC – Only listen to James O’Brien. Only. Ever. DO NOT WAVER. I pay the £2 a month to podcast the entire show. I can also save/ignore topics or days when it’s too much to deal with. Thursdays also contain mystery hour. He covers a range of topics, not just the news.

The News Quiz – Sadly seasonal. It’s currently Dead Ringers on that link, subscribe now and ignore it until it changes back the the News Quiz (Now Show just about makes it). I also have entire back seasons of this, from the 90s+, it reminds me that the things that are shit now have always been shit, and we (liberals) thought we were doomed then also

Myths and Legends

Myth – I cannot recommend this one enough. I’ve inhaled the first 30 or so episodes, and now thrown money at him for membership (with extra episodes and source materials)

Lore – I’m less convinced by this one, but I do love his voice so I’m persisting. It’s a bit more “woooOOOoooo ghoooosts…”, but kinda fun nonetheless

Feminists Ahoy!

Hidden Histories – I’ve only done the 1st episode, and there’s only 6, but this is women writers, from the New Statesman

Strong Female Lead – Nerdery/geek culture with a firm feminist stance, from Standard Issue magazine

Stuff Mum Never Told You – This covers a wide range of topics, from a feminist perspective


The History of England – It’s quite dry, but I am still in “Ethelred etc” territory. It’s about to hit Cnut and 1066, so I’m expecting to take a bit more in from here on!

Stuff You Missed In History Class – I’m finding this one fascinating. Not only is it as the title suggests, but also I was taught history in the UK, from a very UK perspective

Err, Feminist History

The History Chicks – I’ve only just started this one, the sound quality is dodgy in the early episodes (though a disclaimer also acknowledges this!), I’ve already learnt a load and the other episode titles look promising

Herstory – Not started this one yet, but it was recommended along with the History Chicks, so I’m looking forward to it

General Nerdery

Stuff to Blow Your Mind – Still not convinced by this one, 4-5 episodes in, but not not-convinced enough to unsubscribe…

No Such Thing As A Fish – QI. Podcast. Do you need more?


IRL UK –  I’m not sure about this one still, it’s 2 women chatting about those “I woke up and was married to my hamster” type stories in trashy magazines. Fun, but not entirely sure I’m comfy with it

Gods of Comedy – I’m loving this so far, comedians gather and chat about what they believe/what belief means to them. So far they’ve had a range of different faiths/denominations in each episode and so much respect for each other’s opinions. How faith/lack of should be discussed

Do Who I Say, Not Who I Do – I love the woman who does this, though I’m not yet convinced by the podcast itself. Willing to give it a bit more of a chance because of her

Desert Island Discs – I’m mean when it comes to this, I tend to only listen to about 1 in 10. But it’s quite comforting, and you get to know the celebs a little more than a standard interview

One Minute Norwegian – The man is annoying, I don’t think I’m getting anything decent from it, for some reason I can’t delete it… ! It’s only 10 episodes, I should rush through it really



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